Bringing People to the Table– Since 1967

Our story starts with Jay’s Catering company, founded in 1967 on the conviction that catering should be available to everyone—not just the wealthy. Since then, Jay’s mix of tradition and innovation has led to decades of success in the catering industry. Today, the Jay’s world class staff employs a boutique-style approach and an unwavering commitment to excellence in order to create that unique experience for you— every time.

As the most recent expansion of the Jay’s brand, The Estate is ready to take on the established name and join together to provide a gathering space for all celebrations. Pairing this esteemed catering company with an original venue is an exceptional combination. Not only do we provide a captivating location for enjoyment and entertainment, but also, Jay’s has an incredible range of delicious cuisine along with additional resources such as event specialists, rentals, mixology, an in-house bakery and more. We treat our clients with individualized, focused attention, so that each event is perfectly suited to their taste.

The world of Jay’s is bound together by the individuals who use their creativity and expertise to make all the moving pieces work as one. Our kitchens prepare beautiful dishes that present a new perspective on culinary classics, but we also have an impressive bakery producing tasty treats that will have you asking for seconds. Jay’s Executive Pastry Chef, Jean Christophe Milon has over 35 years of professional baking under his belt and is a third generation pastry chef. Before he made his way to Jay’s, Chef Christophe worked as a chef at Disney for 10 years. He takes fresh ingredients and creates a range of delectable pastries that are enjoyed at all kinds of special events and at our café Ellie’s Table. We are continuously amazed by the incredible confections that come from his baking mastery. Alongside Chef Christophe, our award-winning Executive Cake Artist, Teri Torrealba, creates gorgeous and intricate cake designs to fit the feel of any occasion.

Jay’s Catering was founded on the idea that catering should be available to everyone. Since then, Jay’s has remained within the family and today it stands as a third generation business. With these years of experience, they’ve found a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, leading Jay’s to decades of success in the catering industry. As a family owned + operated business, Jay’s recognizes that community holds an important place in the events world. That’s why their mission of “bringing people to the table” holds true over the passage of time. Embracing this age-old family tradition, The Estate welcomes a new chapter of social gatherings and unforgettable memories through Jay’s catering and the surrounding community.